The ultimate synergy between rock and aerial theatre


Muaré experience is an intense exchange between the musical and visual arts. It is a contrast of sensations, an experience of dialogue between a rock concert, an aerial show and the space in which we perform.

Psychedelic and convulsive rock
Our team, with its vast knowledge in the produc- tion of large and unique events, surpasses itself in order to bring this unforgettable experience to the public.

Stage experimentation with the sky as a background.
Original and sophisticated choreographic sequences in the air is our international brand with the use of harness systems and cranes that allow astonishing performances in the sky.

The “muaré effect” is a superimpossed pattern. This phenomenon illustrates a principle: two suitably combined patterns can generate a different and random pattern.

Muaré is a concert, a celebration, an urban ritual that passes on.