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Voala has flew in the sky in more than 40 different countries offering air entertainment; in addition, it has been a figure with outstanding participation in numerous festivals and artistic events of the most important cultural capitals in the world, especially in Europe.

For Voalá a stage was small, so they used the sky to generate a wonderful visual effect hard to believe. The beauty of its aerial choreographic compositions creates stunning images that interweave a story driven by the power of live music.

Voalá expresses itself through movement, images and sound, but the depth of its effect cannot be expressed in words and is not poetry: It is an experience.


Grupo Puja

Puja was born in Argentina in 1998 and since then has been dedicated to develop amazing aerial shows in urban spaces. Their work, a visual delight, brings together different disciplines in a single choreography.

Grupo Puja is a show, but at the same time it is theater, circus, dance, sports, architecture, engineering, live music and multimedia. They have an immense need to give life to everything, to express what they feel and transmit it to their audience.


Duchamp Pilot

It was founded by the composer and guitarist Gaston Iungman in 2012. The world recognizes its name for its energetic live performances, which involve a great group of aerial dancers flying in the sky at 60m high.

Duchamp Pilot is a perfect mix between rock, pop and new wave with some psychedelic elements and punk notes, which take you away from the ordinary world to be part of the ritual and celebration of our concerts.


We suggests: Muaré experience a unique show

Nothing as magical as the air which can give you goosebumps without you seeing it, that is why for our show we decided to feet off the ground and makes you live the most intense emotions you have ever imagined; that is, the Muaré experience.

Gaston Iungman brings together Voalá and Duchamp Pilot in rock concerts that transcend the listening experience and become a celebration that includes an incredible visual spectacle.

Rock is a generic term for the range of styles that evolved from rock ‘n’ roll; it is a force in constant movement that expresses more than a simple melody: reflects a lifestyle. And as such, it can be expressed through the most delicate and original movement of our aerial acrobats.

We become an urban ritual and our mission is to generate intense emotions through an aerial show and powerful live music. Discover each component of our strength!


The “Muaré Effect” is a unique pattern that is formed thanks to the sum of others. Muaré illustrates a very simple principle: two suitably combined patterns can generate a different and random pattern. Totally dissimilar from the others previously created.

By living the Muaré Effect you will return to that epic moment in which science and art walked hand in hand in the hope of an exciting future. It cannot be easily described with words; you must live your own Muaré experience and allow your senses to delight in the energy of the forces that move our aerial shows.