Gaston Iungman is an Argentine musician, composer and creator of large-scale shows.
Here he shares the first video clip SALVA Y SANA as a preview of his album El Poeta que Navega.
SALVA Y SANA video clip is inspired by the Argentine country, its beautiful landscapes, its art and culture that make it unique.


Suggested: Muaré experience a unique show by Voala

Nothing as magical as the air which can give you goosebumps without you seeing it, that is why for our show we decided to feet off the ground and makes you live the most intense emotions you have ever imagined; that is, the Muaré experience.

Gaston Iungman brings together Voalá and Duchamp Pilot in rock concerts that transcend the listening experience and become a celebration that includes an incredible visual spectacle.

Rock is a generic term for the range of styles that evolved from rock ‘n’ roll; it is a force in constant movement that expresses more than a simple melody: reflects a lifestyle. And as such, it can be expressed through the most delicate and original movement of our aerial acrobats.


We become an urban ritual and our mission is to generate intense emotions through an aerial show and powerful live music. Discover each component of our strength!

The «Muaré Effect» is a unique pattern that is formed thanks to the sum of others. Muaré illustrates a very simple principle: two suitably combined patterns can generate a different and random pattern. Totally dissimilar from the others previously created.

By living the Muaré Effect you will return to that epic moment in which science and art walked hand in hand in the hope of an exciting future. It cannot be easily described with words; you must live your own Muaré experience and allow your senses to delight in the energy of the forces that move our aerial shows.



Press said:


“Alucinante” 5 octubre 2014 El Norte Mx portada

“Metz : soirée féerique au Parc de la Seille pour les fêtes de la Mirabelle, Sous le ciel étoilé de Metz, des danseurs acrobates ont tourbillonné autour de mobiles psychédéliques. Fantastique !” Le Republicain Lorrain 31/08/2014

“arte en el aire… el Publico aplaudió, canto y grito la música de DUCHAMP PILOT” 11 octubre 2014 EL UNIVERSAL MX

FETA 2019. Festiwal teatrów ulicznych w Gdańsku dobiegł końca – efektowne zakończenie… Mieszkańcy Gdańska i turyści na zakończenie mieli okazję zobaczyć widowisko „Muare Experience” 15 lipca 2019 Natalia

“Acrobacias aéreas y rock se unen en Muaré” Miércoles 17 de julio, 2019. CIUDADANIA EXPRESS MX

 “Acrobacias aéreas a ritmo de rock maravillan al público del Cervantino” 15 julio, 2017

 “mas de 60 mil personas celebraron el aniversario de la ciudad junto a VOALA” Aires de Santa fe- noviembre 2014 Argentina portada

 “La Fira de Tàrrega arranca desde el cielo” EL PAIS spain MERCÈ PÉREZ – Tàrrega 10 SEP 2010 CEST

Tàrrega aplaude el vuelo alucinante de ‘Muaré’” ….El colorista ‘show’ aéreo del grupo Voala Project triunfa en la apertura de la muestra…Apertura redonda. No corrieron las drogas lisérgicas pero los asistentes anoche a la inauguración de la 30ª Fira de Tàrrega entraron en trance. Alucinógeno y alucinante fue el espectacular montaje que ofreció la compañía de origen argentino Voala – IMMA FERNÁNDEZ / Tàrrega – Viernes, 10/09/2010 SPAIN

“Duchamp Pilot La banda elegida por Tinelli”  08/05/2015 Clarín  Buenos Aires Argentina

“Aerial spectacular lights up Christmas in Bradford! .. Some 10,000 adults and children gathered for a sensational start to the festive season provided by Spanish art project Voala working with British band Duchamp Pilot.18th November 2013

“Fenomenal Clausura FITC 2017” El Sol De Zacatecas MX 22 octubre 2017 portada

“Euforia cultural y Creativa en Barakaldo y Tournefeuille” Europa Press 29 sept 2012

“O ceu é o melhor de todos os palcos” Milene Marques 24 mayo 2015 Santa Maria Feira Portugal Journal.

“»Hoog in the lucht» Siebrand Vos 27 august 2011 Limburgs Dagblad UK headline

“La Ciudad Festejo con Voala” portada El Litoral 17nov 2014 Arg


Press said:


“Maravilla Voala desde el Cielo” 21 octubre 2014 portada TbascoHoy MX

“El Broche de Oro” portada 26 enero 2014 El DIA Chile

“Salisbury Art Festival opened with a Hight Flying Act” 21 may 2011 headline WesternDaily UK

“Cierre magistral del Festival de Teatro de Calle 2014” 25 Octubre 2014.       Express Zacatecas MX portada

“VOALÁ! gives us a dream experience, magical, pointing to the sensitivity of the viewer through the skills of the bodies into the air space, music and live voices […].      A total surrender to the experience: that’s VOALÁ!” Christine Copes – Argentina

“There is no doubting the extraordinary skills on show from Voala, or the ambition in marrying aerial acrobatics with narrative […] It’s gasp-out-loud stu .”  Lyn Gardner – The Guardian Post, England 26 may 2009

“Big Opening Hi Seul Festival 2013” Street times 10 feb 2013 headline KOREA

“Voala abarrota la Catedral con metáforas en el aire” La voz lunes 20 nov 2008 Cadiz Spain

“Argentinian Group Voala Accomplished.. the biggest attraction of the year “ Serbia headline Utorak 14 sept 2008 NOVISAD